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My First Written Thought in 2023


Having a therapist in the house (my daughter Vivian) can be interesting because I am sometimes told what problems I have involuntarily. I have a few which have hindered my success and relationships with others. Knowing this I have to work harder to overcome them, but I refuse to take medication.

One the three things Vivian asked me over the weekend was if I could go back 10 years, what I would want to do differently. My answer was to become self-employed and creative person. This is where I am today. Being new to the transition from working for the government to becoming my own boss has been a rough start, but I’m still happy and thankful that I am on the right path of happiness.

I have a good relationship with a real estate investor and a couple buyers, so I am looking forward to working with them as soon as I come back from visiting my family in Vietnam! Once I represent a few buyers/sellers, I will have more confidence in sharing my knowledge of real estate with others which is my passion.

Instead of worrying for the future, I often replace them with gratefulness for the lessons and positive thought which is what I can control. I hope this year will bring you and me happiness and success!

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