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Mental Health Vlogger: How Positive Thinking Helps Change Your Thought Process.

Positive thinking. When the words come to mind, what comes with them? Do you merely think about being optimistic? Do you size onto any bit of positivity that flows into your life? Or do you simply ignore negativity? The truth is that positive thinking is the foundation for addressing the way that you feel. Many people wonder how positive thinking helps and that question leads them to consider the potential benefits. Today, we want to take some time to explore how positive thinking helps to change your entire thought process which can eventually lead to an improvement in your personal life, as well.

Positivity: The Benefits of Reading a Mental Health Vlogger

Toxic positivity is the idea that everything is great no matter what. We don't want to engage in toxic positivity, so how do we toe the line in a healthy and wholesome way for our mental health? Positive thinking has never been about burying your head in the sand and ignoring the negative aspects of life. When author Crystal H. Vo fled from Vietnam in 1986 due to the communist invasion, it would have been easy for her to fall into a pit of despair. Instead, she decided to power through by focusing on her work as a mental health vlogger. This meant focusing on the positive side of life.

Positive thinking simply means that you approach situations with grace and giving. You can use logic and reasoning to help you ground yourself in positivity while also interrupting negative thought cycles. While it can be hard to look on the brighter side of life when you have been struggling, a depression vlog or mental health vlogger can help you relate and personify your struggles. When poet Crystal H. Vo penned her poetry compilation, Finding My Voice: A Journey of Hope, she focused on the little moments of positivity that helped to elevate her life. In doing so, Crystal was able to cultivate a compilation of amazing poetry that showed her love and fascination for the world despite her own internal struggles.

There are specific health benefits that come with thinking positively. We know that scientific researchers have associated positive thinking with lower rates of depression and distress as well as an increased life span and positive mentality. We know that positive thinking can have a dramatic and amazing impact on our body, our mind, and our long term health. So why do so many people still struggle?

Perhaps acting positively is like practicing an instrument. The more you do it, the easier it gets. If you want to embrace positivity through a depression vlog or mental health vlogger, consider subscribing to the offerings of Crystal H. Vo. Vo is a published author from Da Nang, Vietnam, who worked with the Department of Social Services.

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