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Homemade Food

Crystal H. Vo Explores Homemade Food, Travel, and Poetry With Her Readers!

There is something so special about food from different places in the world. Our culinary palate can tell us a lot about other cultures, what they eat, and how they gather for dinner. Crystal H. Vo is a passionate writer and public speaker from Da Nang, Vietnam. After leaving the country during the 80s, Crystal has turned her attention to travel writing, poetry, and blogging about her favorite homemade food and cooking channel concepts. Through Crystal's vlog, the published poet endeavors to provide a network of connections for readers from all over the world to gather and collect joy.

A cursory glance inside of the Crystal H. Vo blog will show many reasons to consider subscribing. Not only is Crystal H. Vo a passionate author with several publications under her belt, including a poetry book, but her work is focused on positivity at all costs. Whether you are looking for new and fun recipes to try or simply a different perspective on life, following the Crystal H. Vo blog can be a great decision with rewarding outcomes.

Crystal H. Vo is a passionate writer, public speaker, and artist. Originally born in Da Nang, Vietnam, Crystal was able to escape the country in 1985 at the tender age of 15. Now, years later, Crystal has accomplished her dreams of serving the community by working with the Department of Public Social Services. When Crystal isn't writing cooking channel or homemade food contact for her travel blog, she is helping men, women, and children from every walk of life.

While Crystal H. Vo is not yet a household name, she urges her readers to follow along throughout her journey. For more of Crystal's writing, readers can head to Amazon to pick up Crystal H. Vo's latest work, Finding My Voice: A Journey of Hope.

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