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Affirmations For Positive Thoughts

What Are Affirmations For Positive Thoughts and How Can They Help?

Did you know that the very act of thinking positively can lead you to a longer, happier, and healthier life? Positive mind affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that you deserve grace and positivity in the situations that life spreads before you. If you are looking for affirmations for positive thoughts and would like some guidance, perhaps the mental health blog at author Crystal H. Vo's website can help. Crystal is a published author from Vietnam who immigrated to America in 1985 at the age of 15. With unique life experiences and a perspective that simply cannot be matched, there is plenty to learn from her writing.

Affirmations for Positive Thoughts: What's the Big Deal

When we strip away everything physically, all that is left is our mind. Positive mind affirmations and positive thoughts affirmations are two ways to focus on improving the one area of your life that you will always have control over, the way that you think and approach the world around you. Let's make this clear, affirmations for positive thoughts are not meant to replace the real world. Simply put, your positive thoughts affirmations will help guide you toward a state where you can give yourself grace as well as the rest of the world.

Positive thinking routinely starts with something known as 'self-talk'. Self-talk is that stream of subconscious unspoken thoughts that constantly rattles through your mind. You may be engaging in self-talk right at this very moment! When we engineer our self-talk to focus on positive thoughts affirmations rather than our worries and concerns, we can end the cycle of abusive self-talk that deprecates our lives and makes it harder to enjoy the world around us. Our mentality is everything when it comes to how we approach the world.

Crystal H. Vo has some experience engineering her thoughts toward a positive cycle. Crystal was born in Da Nang, Vietnam, in 1970. When the communist party began seizing southern Vietnam, Crystal and her family were forced to flee their very homes. This massive life change was brought upon by dark and upsetting circumstances. Adrift in America and afflicted with depression and unending homesickness, it would have been easy for Crystal to fall into a depressive cycle of self-talk that preventer her from improving her life.

Instead of allowing these negative thoughts to pollute her future, Crystal decided to parlay her positive mind affirmations into published poetry. The act of writing became her conduit for a brighter future. The more she practiced, the better her writing and thought process became. Now, followers of her blog and poetry compilations are reporting very much the same experience with positivity becoming the norm for them.

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