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Bicycle Blessings: Rediscovering Joy and Friendship (174)

This bicycle, though not new, is priceless in my eyes.

Yesterday, my dear friend called and offered me her bicycle. I was truly happy to receive this gift!

A couple of days ago, I mentioned to my sisters that I wouldn't mind riding a bicycle around; it would be more beneficial for my health than the motorcycle. How did my dear friend read my mind? Perhaps, good friends can understand you more than your own family. Not only did she give me the bike, but she also showed me how to get around. She didn’t let me follow her, but she asked me to ride it in front of her. She wanted me to get familiar with the streets. After a couple of rides, I now know how to get from my house to her house and to my old friends' houses.

I used to ride a bicycle to school, markets, and my paternal grandparents’ house when I was little. Now, I am back riding the bike, and it feels so good, as if I am returning to my younger self. The streets are much more crowded now than before. My goal is to ride this bike every day, as long as it does not rain. I hope to lose all the fat I have accumulated in the last few years. By this month next year, I hope to be physically fit and look ten years younger than I am now.

Nothing is as important as good health. I am thankful for my dear friend who sent me this bike. I appreciate the love and care she has given me. Although we have barely known each other in person, we are closer than most people I know. It's not the time nor the distance, but it’s the heart that wants to connect with each other. What a great blessing!

While riding the bike, I met and spoke to a few old neighbors and relatives. It feels as if I never left Vietnam. An old childhood friend saw me riding my bike around and asked to reconnect with me.

New friends and old friends bring me great joy. I am thankful for the gift of friendships. Thank You! ♥️

P.S. It’s 6:25 a.m. I’m getting ready for my first morning biking around the neighborhood 🚲😘

Crystal H. Vo

January 26, 2024

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