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Love Beyond Limits: A Journey of Faith and Family (161

Earlier, around 3 am, Jayden came to my bed and told me he was scared. I had to come out and lulled him back to sleep. What will happen on the nights he gets scared without me being around? That’s my most painful thought of leaving him.

A few months ago, under the full moon, I sincerely prayed for Jayden and his mom to have a brighter future. Vivian is great with her job as a mental therapist, but what she needs is someone who can help her raise Jayden and give him a permanent home. I have been there for him more than his Nana. I was like a mom and a dad to him. Being I will no longer be physically around, I asked our Creator to grant me my wish. I believe it will happen in the near future. I know Jayden will be loved and cared for by many.

As a parent, you want nothing but to see your children grow up to be happy and succeed in whatever they choose to do. Your world changes the minute you hold a tiny baby in your hand. Your love for them will last a lifetime.

Charlie and Vivian are close to me today because I have always cared and loved them without limit. Last night, Vivian and Jayden went to the theater with me, the same La Puente Hills Mall that I took both Charlie and Vivian to when they were growing up. Back in the day, there were no assigned seats. We used to watch a couple of movies each time we were there. There was a period when my back hurt badly, and I couldn’t sit throughout the movies; I had to lay down. One time we watched a movie till midnight, and as we exited the theater, we couldn’t get out through the door close to our car. We had to walk a long distance in the middle of the night. That was scary!

My children and I were tight and are still the same to this day. The other day when I went out with Charlie and Jayden to dinner, I told Charlie that I had sincerely prayed for Jayden to find a good home, and I believed my prayers are about to be answered. He then asked me what I prayed for him; yes, I answered that I prayed for Charlie to find a good career and a happy relationship.

I am a firm believer in prayers. I work hard for everything I want, but certain things I ask our Creator for help with. As I am about to take on a different role as a daughter in a faraway land, I pray that to our Creator who will bestow His blessings on my loved ones here in America. Thank You! ♥️

Crystal H. Vo

January 5, 2024

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