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Crystal’s House of Love Foundation

There is a cause and effect for every action you take. If you cheat your customers, you will be cheated by your employees. If you are greedy and selfish, your hard-earned money will find its way out of your pocket. However, if you treat people well, they or someone else will do the same for you. I’m known to my family as the poorest yet the most generous person. What a contradictory! 😁😘

I don’t go out of my way to make friends, but I do attract people with like minded. Five hours spent with the beautician yesterday, I learned a lot about her. She said for 26 years living in the city, she couldn’t make it home before the Lunar New Years. Her neighbors told her that her elderly dad used to cry during the New Year’s Eve for being so lonely! She made a promise to herself and her dad starting last year that she would arrange time to come home a week before the New Year. I told her that I would give her a bag of chocolate for her dad. She was happy and grateful. She said even with the money you have, you cannot find authentic chocolates here.

Lunar New Year is like Christmas in America where workers stay home for an average of ten days as well as students. It’s the biggest celebration for everyone with lots of traditions which I will share on my later posts.

One thing the beautician and I found in common is our love for helping the less fortunates. I shared with her the approval letter I received from the Secretary of California and explained to her how it worked. Being recognized by the State, I will be able to apply for fundings and provide donors tax write off. I can see my Crystal’s House of Love Foundation one day find its way across the Atlantic Ocean to Vietnam, Philippine, Thailand, China, Taiwan, etc.

Dreams do happen to those who work hard and believe. ♥️

Jan. 14, 2023


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