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Shifting your mindset from have not to have is a big change in your life. This past several months I was tested to the limit, but I didn’t lose my faith in better days. You can too as long as you learn to count your blessings each and every morning as you open your eyes. It only takes a few minutes of your time, but it will slowly change your life for the better. Trust me. I will start first:

1. I’m thankful that today I get to go home (Vietnam) where love is waiting for me!

2. I’m grateful for a good night sleep which will help me for a long distance travel - over 24 hours including on air and waiting in the airports.

3. I am blessed for having a good relationship with my family. We fight sometimes, but at the end we forgive, care and love each other again. Family is all we have.

4. I am thankful for a new day!

5. I am grateful for my eyesights, my limbs, my ability to talk, write and think clearly. I am thankful for my great health!

6. I am grateful for having good relationships with people I have worked with and people I will be working with. My honesty and good work ethic have earned their trust and respect. I look forward to doing business with them as soon as I get back from this vacation. Thank you!

I can go on and on with what I’m thankful for each morning. Oftentimes your mind gravitates toward the negativities more than the possitivities, but you can train it to look at the brighter side of the situations by simply counting your blessings each day and work harder to improve your defects. Only you can make it happen. God bless ♥️

January 10, 2023

Crystal H. Vo

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