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Integral Taichi

After work today I ran to the local community recreational center to join the Integral Taichi class for the first time. It’s a relaxation techniques and meditation which combine Yoga, Taichi, Qi Gong and meditation. This is a free class, operating every Monday evening from 6-8 p.m. I was introduced by my coworker who is also the instructor at our company and this center. Due to the conflict of schedule and lack of participation, he no longer teaches at work. I joined his class several times years ago. Recently, I read a couple short stories in Vietnamese which state that Yoga and Taichi are very good for one's health. They can heal your body from many illnesses. I have had backaches for ages due to lack of stretching and too much of sitting in the past. After I read the stories, I wanted to practice Taichi and yoga. Fortunately, last week I bumped into the instructor and he told me about the classes are held in the community center where there are several instructors who volunteer their time to teach. This evening I was surprised coming into the class full of Vietnamese, about twenty students. Most of them are elderly women. Only a couple students spoke in Chinese language. The instructor is a Vietnamese lady who spoke mainly her native language in the class due to her lack of English skill. I guess she’s in her mid-sixty with the perfect body weight. I see no fat in her. Must be nice! I didn’t change into exercise clothes, so after fifteen minutes of warming up, I felt very hot in my work clothes. I asked the instructor to turn the air conditioning higher, but she said that it would not be good for the body. With my hair down, it didn’t help. I managed to go along with the lesson a little over one hour. With heavy breathing-inhaling and exhaling-and many turns, movement of ups and downs made me feel very good! I will try to do it myself as often as I can , but I will definitely join this class on the Mondays I have no Toastmaster meetings which are the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Participating in Toastmaster will maintain my memory and doing Integral Taichi will keep my mind, body, and spirit intact. I’m truly happy for having found these two wonderful activities. Thank You! 😊 Day 120 October 29, 2018

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