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Waking up in the middle of the night, I had the urge to contact my friend who knows how to build websites. I wanted her to help me with mine: For the last few years having this one, I have not used it to its fullest potential.

Although writing is dear and near to my heart, I haven’t thought of monetizing it until now.

Many years ago when I told a Vietnamese writer that I wanted to become a writer, she responded with a statement: “Do not bend your pen.” What she meant by that is to be truthful to myself because if I don’t, my readers can see through me. And I have done just that all these years!

I’m a passionate writer before I became a Realtor, a Notary Public and many other roles I take in life. I write what’s on my mind and heart, and hope to make lights of certain beliefs and customs. I write to motivate and inspire. I write to the last breath I take. ✍️♥️

March 7, 2023

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