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I haven’t been able to talk or see my sweetheart Jayden since I left Vietnam almost six weeks ago! He refused to see or talk to me on the phone. I understand him just how I understand myself when I could hardly pick up the phone to call my parents a while back because I got too emotional for not being able to be there with them. Now, my offspring is acting the same way because we have a strong bond. He sometimes asks me to move closer to him, so we could be together again.

This morning, I casually asked Mom a few questions while we were at the dining table. I asked her how she feels about me going back to the US in a couple days. Her answers were coherent (she is not always like this.) She said she understood how I had to go back for work related, but she will miss me a lot. I told her once I am fully retired, I will come back and never leave her again. At this point, I got chocked up for thinking of her health condition. Will she be able to wait for me until we meet again?!

Not being able to be around the ones you love is the hardest thing for anyone. On this Valentine’s Day in America, I pray for you soon be reunited with your loved ones. I hope for the broken hearts soon be healed and the sky is bright again with children laughters and giggling. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family. ♥️

Valentine’s Day 2023

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