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Every single time I pass by the street vendors who sell fresh flowers, I often wonder how they make a living. What happens when they cannot sell the flowers by the end of the day, and how would that affect their income? Caring is my greatest strength, but it’s also my biggest weakness, for some take advantage of my caring heart. One of my sisters sometimes tell me to put my foot down. Say enough is enough. Be strong and courageous.

It feels good when some people show gratitude for the love and caring you give them while others think they are entitled to what they get from you. No matter how much you try your best to care for them, they have no regards for you. They simply believe that it’s your duty. How do you deal with this type of people? Simply walk away? Perhaps, it’s the best solution.

There are positive and negative people. Some cannot be thankful enough for the little things they receive in life while others complain about everything you can possibly think of. When you are with this latter type of personality, it drains your energy and sucks the life out of you. As a human, you have the choice to live your life, to be around positive people and to breathe in fresh air. It’s free! The road ahead of you will get brighter once you allow yourself to walk away from darkness. ♥️

March 8, 2023

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