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Vietnam- My Love

My calendar is book for this week! 😬 In less than ten days, I’ll be heading back home - my other home in America. Making sure I give enough time for my family and friends, I scheduled them on my calendar. Tonight I will spend some quality time with my friends. It feels good to have friends, especially the ones I played with when I was just a little child. The richness of your life is the qualities of the friends you have.

I don’t have a lot of friends in America. I don’t have someone whom I could share my ups and downs to until recently, my younger sister has been my best friend. She knows my every secrets. She listens to every happy and sad stories I share with her almost every other night. Although she is younger, she is more mature than I am. She takes her time to deal with all situations while I easily get upset about it. Sometimes I wish I could just stay in Vietnam where I am surrounded with love and free of stresses, but I couldn’t. I still owe America. Once I pay off my debt there, I wish to come back to Vietnam to live for good, hopefully in ten years or less.

A house is not a home without true love.

Feb. 8, 2023


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