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As I put my briefcase on one shoulder and my purse on the other, I waved goodbye to my boss. She looked at me and asked, “Do you need more money?” I shyly smiled. She then reached into her pocket and handed me some. I thanked her and walked out of the office with a grateful heart.

Prior to working, she sent a text message to me and my coworker asking either one of us to come to the office this past Saturday. She needed a Notary Public who will receive 100% commission with the chance to learn income taxes. Prior to the Saturday of, I told her that I wouldn’t be available due to moving, but seeing the text message appeared on my phone first thing in the morning, I changed my mind to move after work. I would have missed the chance of having a relationship with a potential client working for the big plaza if I didn’t show up that day.

In business and in real life, I often don’t calculate what’s in it for me. More than usual, I think for others more than for myself. On last Saturday, I barely made enough money for lunch and gasoline, but I didn’t complain. Sometimes a little thing you can do for others can mean a big thing for them. A good relationship builds on trust, and I’m thankful for earning that trust with the person I work with. She said she would give me more clients to work with in the future because I have proven to her as a reliable and trustworthy person. What I need to work on is to be less timid with the new projects. That will take time for I am a new businesswoman in the business world. 😘

March 5, 2023

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