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I used to admire my neighbor for having dinners altogether every night while my family was never complete at dinners. Raising my two children alone, I instilled family-oriented in them. Friday nights were always our family time for over two decades. I was most happy when my new husband’s children and grandchildren could join us! But happy time didn’t last forever. Nevertheless, I still make time to spend with my children and sweetheart Jayden - they are my love and joy.

I love a big family! I love being around them, playing with the kiddos hide-and-seek. Being around kids truly make me happy.

I am happy and always grateful for being home in Vietnam where I am being treated like a queen. My younger sister volunteers to do my laundry. Our maid insists in cleaning my dishes after I’m done eating 😁. My younger brother takes me to places in his car. I prefer traveling by vehicles more than motorcycles due to safety. My older sisters and cousins always make me my favorite dishes, and my auntie from the central comes here to join us. She is a great cook and a kind human being. I love her very much!

Happiness is surrounded with love by many which money alone cannot buy.

February 6, 2023


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