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I’ve been tossed and turned since the wee hour today! There must have been a lot on my mind - and one of them is me going to turn a year older on the stroke of midnight. Since I turned 50, each year thereafter, I felt life is passing me by quickly. Like the year before, I wished I could hit a pause button for time to stop - just until I’m ready. But time waits for no man.

What have I done in the last 365 days? I visited my family twice in Vietnam! What a blessing to be around them, especially Mom. I have learned new business skills such as creating business startup: LLC and corporations. I also did it for myself: CV Saigon Services. I established a nonprofit organization called Crystal’s House of Love Foundation which will mainly help the homeless. I became a Notary Public, a Loan Signing Agent and a Live Scan agent. I’m a Realtor for Coldwell Banker Realty, and last but not least, I learned to do income taxes for myself and my business - this skill will save me hundreds to a thousand of dollars yearly. I can begin file income taxes for family, friends and customers now. I guess I did accomplish a lot in a span on 12 months.

Being brand-new to the business world, it takes time to navigate the system. The seeds that I planted the last 365 days will germinate. What I need is being patient and staying more focus in order to succeed. I would not have struggled so much if I stayed with the county job where I was making around $4000 monthly. But it was not challenging enough for me!

Life is not about staying in the comfort zone, but It is meant for you to reach your highest potential.♥️

March 12, 2023

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