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The Waitress

The waitress puzzled when she saw the money I left on the table this morning after my brother and I had Pho. She turned to her boss and to me when I was already in my brother’s car. I signaled that it was for her.

It’s not accustomed for service workers receiving tips in Vietnam which is unfortunate for them! Their hourly service is less than $1.00 which makes life very difficult. I understand how hard it was to be a labor worker for my feet was killing me at the end of each day. Therefore, I always treat the service workers with respect and compassion.

Life is not fair! Some are born in love and richness while others are not wanted and live in destitute. If you can lift up someone when they are down, just do it! You never know some day you might be the one who needs a shoulder to lean on. ♥️

February 6, 2023


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