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At the beginning of this year, one morning I woke up and went to the bathroom as usual to wash my face. I noticed a white little spot on my right eye pupil. At first, I thought it was dust, so I applied water to wash it off for several minutes. It didn’t come off. Then I poured many eyedrops into my eye, hoping it would work. But no, it remained in the same spot. Frustrated, I used my iPhone to take a picture of my eye, so I can zoom in to see what it was. It was like a piece of white painting accidentally landed on my eye. It did not give me any irritation, though.

After I was done in the bathroom, I went downstairs and asked my daughter, Vivian to take a look at it. She said she saw it too. I then showed it to my husband at night when he came home from work. He also wondered what it could be. The next day and the following day, it still remained in the same place, no matter how many times I tried to wash it off. By now my daughter started to worry for me. She urged me to see my doctor ASAP. As for me, I didn’t worry much because this white little spot didn’t bother me one bit, but her persistence in telling me to see a doctor every day made me decided to give customer service a call. She asked me to call back first thing the next morning for the same day urgent care. The next day came, but I didn’t call. Instead, I began to meditate and pray on it. I believed this white little spot would disappear in no time. Nothing would be able to bother me!

Miraculously, it disappeared on the fifth day after it appeared from nowhere. I believe your mind is very powerful. I believe your body has the ability to heal itself, if you believed you are wholesome, nothing can touch you! 😊

January 13, 2021

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