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I pulled out my last business pen from my purse - the most lovely pen I have ever seen 😘. Then I put it right back for thinking I might have needed it later. During the flight back from Vietnam to America, the first stop to South Korea, I sat next to a Vietnamese woman. We made a small talk during the 5-hour flight. Usually, I don’t like to talk to anyone during the long flight because I am always tired. She said after arriving to the airport, she would catch a long flight to George Atlanta which is five hours longer than mine going to LAX. I never failed sharing with perfect strangers what I do as a Realtor and a Notary Public. She saw me editing by my videos on YouTube, so I shared with her my channel. She said that she has friends in California and visits them sometimes. At this time, I pulled out my last pen to give it to her. Who knows where this pen could travel to 😘

Speaking of pens, on January 29, I wrote this on my Facebook status:

“As soon as I came home from outing, my younger brother introduced me to his wife’s family who was partying at our house. His brother-in-law told us that he knew me from running for Ms. Beauty Pageant back in the mid of 2000. How could he still remember my face for seeing me only on stage once for such a long time ago? Does it mean I haven’t changed much since? 😁

I then introduced myself as a realtor. He said he’s a constructor who lives close to where I live in America. As soon as he said that, I came up to my room and brought down eight business pens to give to him and his family. He also gave me his business cards.”

I brought home about thirty business pens and brought back none. Some are for my family, friends and potential clients. Being a salesperson, you have to play with the number games. The percentage of success is only 2-5%. I might have to talk to hundreds more people and give away hundreds of more pens to see any result. 🙏♥️

February 22, 2023

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