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Yesterday I received a text message from one of my loyal Vietnamese readers who offered to build a website for my non-profit organization named Crystal’s House of Love Foundation. I am truly happy and appreciative! This is only a dream back in the midnight of winter 1988, but now it’s becoming a reality. Dreams do happen when you work hard and believe. ♥️

It’s been extremely cold here in Southern California and many parts of America. The rain drops have turned into ice as they reach on the ground. The mountains are covered with layers of snows. At nights, I sleep with three layers of blankets in a house with central heat on. How do homeless people bear this kind of cold at nights or days?! In a few months when my job is settled, I want to look into governmental programs to help the poor and lonely souls living on the streets.

Someone used to call me “a kindhearted lady”. This lady has a kind yet sensitive heart. Her heart bleeds easily for seeing injustice in the world or for being lying to. I have shed tears of pain, but I soon overcome it, for I have a resilient personality. I hope I will be able to inspire the broken hearts who will walk into Crystal’s House of Love Foundation to see a brighter road ahead. May God bless us all!! 🙏

February 28, 2023

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