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Shores of Serendipity: Gratitude for Unexpected Encounters (163)

Returning to the beach house this time feels even sweeter than before, as I only have a few days to enjoy my time here! Before dinner, I took my usual solitary walk down to the beach. It was cold, but I had a thick jacket on, which helped. A few beachgoers strolled along the seashore. I spotted a man sitting in the lotus position on the sand, meditating. That was interesting.

As usual, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of Long Beach. It remains the same each time: birds sitting on the sand, hundreds of black birds gathered together, the magnificent Queen Mary, the iconic ship in Long Beach, and the tall buildings facing the ocean. They all looked just as they did the last time I was here, but I still wanted to capture the lovely sunset sky, turning the whole beach into beautiful colors... I am constantly impressed by the beauty of nature!

Before heading back, as usual, I spoke to the ocean and thanked her for everything. I expressed gratitude to the Universe for bringing people I need to meet into my life.

Just before heading down to the beach, I spoke to an old friend of 25 years. We used to be neighbors and were very close. In the past twenty years, we've come across each other a couple of times. The last time we met was when he and his wife started working in the restaurant where my daughter Vivian took me last week. We reconnected, exchanged phone numbers, and I told him about my upcoming move to Vietnam. Yesterday, he mentioned his niece, who lives in Vietnam and works in immigration services for Southeast Asia, with offices in different parts of the country. He offered to introduce her to me.

What are the chances of connecting with someone like that if it weren’t for the universe bringing us together? I don’t believe in coincidence. I am happy and grateful for the fantastic opportunities ahead. I am always thankful for everything, as always. ♥️

Crystal H. Vo

January 7, 2024

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