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Should you have a political discussion in public? No. Nada. Never. But why not? Because it’s a very sensitive subject. Most likely you cannot convince anyone. Have you ever come across your friend’s Facebook status that they mentioned blocking their friends on their Facebook due to their differences in a political point of views?

Like politics, you should not discuss religion in public. You should not persuade anyone to follow your religion. It has to come from them. If you overdo it, you would lose a friend or two.

Although I have always followed the world and domestic news, I hardly share my opinion in the public because I believe 50% of my friends or followers would disagree. I know no way I can convince them. So why bother? Once in a while, I state facts and share my opinion, but I hardly entered the political discussion for as long as I have written online for over two decades.

Politics is dirty. Most politicians enter the office for their personal gains. Don’t listen to everything they say, but watch what they do. I believe to be a public servant is the noblest career. I wish more people in the office use their power to help others.

Be mindful of where you stand on the political spectrum. Don’t allow yourself to be an extremist. It’s dangerous! If you blindly follow your leaders to the extreme, you would die for them or would kill innocent people who oppose your political views.

In sum, if you still want to keep your online friends and followers, do not discuss politics with them 😊

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