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My Gratitude

Written on January 12, 2018

Having gratitude is not always something I possessed in the past, but I've learned to appreciate and acknowledge it in the last several years. My life has improved a little at a time. Although I am not yet where I want to be, I am still happy and thankful for everything I have. I've learned to look at a glass half full as oppose to half empty.

Whenever I am stress out about something, I take a deep breath, step back and assess a situation. For instance, when I am nervous when the bank account is low, I think of the time I had no bank account and no money at all. I learn to cut back on spending and live within my means. When my back hurts me for sitting long hours, I get up and exercise. Our body is like a machine which needs rest and maintenance. Regardless whatever the situation I am in, I learn to look at the bright side.

My positive attitude start early every morning before I get out of bed. As I lay on my bed, I turn on a classical music on my pandora app on my phone and set for ten minutes. Within the ten minutes, I silently count my blessings and say a gratitude prayer. I give thanks for having my family with me, for their health and happiness. I give thanks for the healthy body and mind and a great job I have. I give thanks for the ability to write and share my voice around the world.

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