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My First Experience As A Mobile Notary Public

As a Notary Public, not only I service my customers at our office, I also provide in-house service. My Google business page will be Mobile Notary Public Crystal. I got nervous when I first entered a perfect stranger’s home. First thing I asked her over the phone if she had a dog; she said she only had a cat. Phew 😅. Second, I asked if she had her CA ID/ CA driver license. She said yes. We scheduled an appointment the following day. Before I came inside her house, I gave my husband her address and told him that I would call him back in 30 minutes. If I didn’t, and if he couldn’t call me, call a cop. OMG. Am I over worried? Should I ask for my customers’ ID/DL before I enter their houses next time?

My first experience providing in-house service was pleasant. As I walked inside the customer’s house, the black cat was waving its tail at me. I spent about 20 minutes notarizing two sets of documents. I administered the affirmation as I asked the customer to raise her right hand and say yes after if she agreed that she was truthful. Before I left, the customer almost 80, but she looked beautiful and youthful as if she was in her early 60th, said she liked me for being thorough. She then said she would need my service again. I told her the distance is a bit far, and I would need to charge her $20 extra next time. As soon as I said that, she asked me if she could pay me $20 more right there. I smiled and nodded 😊

I have heard from my other customers before that I was thorough when I performed notarial acts. Well, I learned everything from the book and watching videos from National Notary Public Association. I haven’t been influenced from the outside world yet, but I don’t want to 😬. I am always thorough and careful because I want to protect my clients’ best interests. I’ve always treated all of them with great service and care as if they are my family and friends.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🎄♥️

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