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My Birthday Wishes .2023

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

My son Charlie asked me what I wanted for my birthday as soon as I sat down at our first dinner since I left US six weeks ago. It was sweet of him! Being traveling for almost a whole day on air, I was too tired to come up with an answer. Although, I did mention $10,000 would be nice. 😬

What do I want for my birthday this year? I would like a whole steamed crab dipped in salt, black pepper and lemon juice. I would love to have homemade crab paste noodle soup prepared by Chef Vivian for lunch. I would want a movie time in a theater with my family and ended the night with boba drinks. What I truly want most is spending quality time with my offsprings always.

Facebook reminded me on this Valentine’s Day what I shared my thought a year ago:

“True happiness is not how much you have in your bank accounts, but it’s the people you have in your life who love you and care for you as much as you do for them. ❤️

Since I started going to open houses since the last couple weekends, I chose one day of the week to be with my children and my sweetheart Jayden. This Valentine’s Day landed on Monday which is the day I spend time with them. We didn’t do anything extraordinary, nor I got any big present from them, but I was still happy and grateful for having them in my life. No matter how old your children are, they still need you if not in a material sense, it’s in moral support. Vivian wrote on the Valentine’s card: “I love our family days. Thank you for always making time for your family. I love you.”

No amount of wealth giving to your children is equal to the amount of quality time you spend with them.”

Indeed, spending quality time with my family is far more precious than any amount of present I would receive on my birthdays. I wish I will always have my children and their offsprings on my birthdays as long as I Iive. 🙏♥️

February 19, 2023

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