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Have you ever seen an adult crying out loud before? Probably rare to never, right? I did twice in the span of two years. The first time was when my mother-in-law passed away. She was more than the mother-in-law to me. I felt love and happy when we were together almost weekly for over five years - the Mom I didn’t have for so long in America. The second time was a couple days ago when my younger sister-in-law came out to my car to say goodbye before I moved away. I didn’t know what came over me. The strong emotion took over, and I burst out the loud cry. She shook my shoulders and told me to look at her straight in the eyes. I don’t recall what she said at that time.

I don’t let go easily unless I have the permission to. Everyone is at fault in a broken relationship, like my sister said 50/50. As a friend or a family member, it’s natural to take side, but no one knows what goes on behind the close door. In our Vietnamese culture, we believe that it’s fate that bring the marriage couples together, and if their time is up, let it go lightly.

It was raining during my moving day. Not only it came from the outside, but it also came from the inside as well. We held each other tight and cried for a long while. He said he still loves me. As for me, I still care and promised to be there for him as much as I can. The best part about our relationship is that we have no animosity toward each other. I will be there for him as his good friend and his caregiver for as long as possible. ♥️

March 9, 2023

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