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The other day at the gym, I had a delightful brief moment with a fellow gym-goer who complimented my hair while I was combing it. She said, 'I have never seen beautiful black hair like yours!' I couldn't help but smile and thank her. She then asked me if I was Filipino, a question I have often been asked. 'No, I am not,' I responded. As we continued our conversation, she mentioned that she was 76. I told her she didn't look a day past 60. I asked how long she had been coming to the gym, and she said Bally had been around. I assumed she had been taking good care of her physical health for over a decade.

Normally, I don't engage in conversations at the gym. Perhaps I am anti-social, or I just enjoy quiet time there. I love sitting in the jacuzzi after a long day of work! It feels like the steamed water takes away all the tension in my shoulders. I enjoy the aerobic exercises in the swimming pool, lying on my back being my favorite. I love the sauna room where I can feel my sweat pouring out from the heat. After the shower, my skin is smooth and tight like a baby 😊.

My goal is to stay fit and youthful like the lady I had the pleasure of briefly encountering. In my seventies or eighties, I would love to inspire my fellow young gym-goers, just as I was inspired the other day.

The desire to look young and become immortal dates back to when I was a young lady. After my beloved baby brother passed away and left for Heaven, I was depressed for many years. I thought a lot about death and the purpose of our existence. I didn't want to die in vain, so I promised myself to stay as young as possible and make a mark in this world as a writer, which would make me immortal.

That's why, over the past decades, I have been focused on preserving my youthful appearance and building a name for myself as a writer and influencer. I am happy that today I have total control of my life—the path to ultimate happiness.

Happiness is knowing where you are and the direction in which you are moving forward.♥️

Crystal H. Vo

September 25, 2023

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