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I wanted to Be a Super Hero

One of my childhood fantasies is having the ability to fly and rescue those who are in trouble.

Over a decade ago, I had one last dream of my paternal grandmother who was in a hurry to leave me. The atmosphere was festive as the music was playing in the background. Before she left, she handed a small decorated pouch as if it contained expensive jewelry. She said: "Take this now. I have to go." I responded: "No, I can't. It's yours, grandma." But she insisted and placed it on my hand. I never saw her again.

My grandma passed away over twenty years ago. I occasionally saw her in my dreams prior to the above. I still remember how much I cried for missing her when she passed away. That night she followed me everywhere and repeatedly told me that she was still alive. I woke up with sweats...

One special thing about her is that she had a connection with the other world. She treated many patients with unexplainable ailments without taking any fees. I wrote about her in my book - Finding My Voice - A Journey of Hope. I stayed in her house for two summers before I left Vietnam in the 80'. After I left, she told my older sister that I'll follow her footsteps one day.

Most people dream of owning a big house, a nice car, a big bank account, but my dreams have always been the ability to heal others. Thus, writing and speaking words of truth, wisdom, and encouragement is fulfilling my dreams. I don't ask for much for the material world, but I just ask for enough food on a kitchen table and a roof over my head. Other than that, I am here to serve humanity to the day I will join my grandma in Heaven.

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