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I picked up a wallet full of $100 bills inside where I worked as a waitress many years ago. I still remember it was during Christmas time. Although I was short of money then, I returned the wallet to the customer without asking anything in return. Fast forward, about a decade later, my daughter lost her wallet with money in it and received it back without anything missing.

My late father and I had a strange relationship where we never talked to each other like a father would talk to his daughter. I was more scared of him than anything else, but one thing he instilled in me was honesty. Each time I found money inside his pockets as I did laundry for him by hands, he would praise me for my good behavior and honesty. ♥️

Speaking of honesty, after a few months working with my current boss, she told me that she was happy with me for my honesty. She said I would not cheat my clients; therefore, I would not cheat her.

People are complicated. Some would sell their souls for personal gains. As for me, I rather be poor than living with a guilty conscience. I hope and pray that God will protect me from the evil doers. 🙏

February 24, 2023

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