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I joked with my boss today how I was a queen in Vietnam where I didn’t have to clean dishes after I ate, but here in America I do everything from cleaning the office toilet, moping the floor and dusting the desks, besides being a notary public, a Livescan agent and a Realtor. Well, maybe in ten years, I can be a queen again, but for now I have to work hard to plan for the bright future.

Today, I came across a great potential client who came to our office to do income taxes. She said she needs a notary public for the big apartment plaza she works for - 96 apartment units to be exact. Who knows she might also need a realtor in the future. I’m happy and truly thankful for this encounter!

Twenty twenty-two was a rough year for me! However, on this day forward, it’s going to get better. I’m happy to have all the freedom to meet people on different walks of life to do business with. Nothing is greater than being able to do what you wish without restriction. I already love this new life and will probably stay this way for a long time.

Happiness is not always given. Sometimes you have to fight for it or pray for it. ♥️

March 4, 2023

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