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Embracing Relationships and Opportunities: A Journey of Friendship and Business Integrity (150)

Four months ago, who would have thought that a lawyer I needed to handle my personal matters would become my business partner today? Yesterday, after an hour and a half discussing our business plan, I stood up and shook his hand, symbolizing the beginning of our partnership. He mentioned that our businesses in Vietnam concerning immigration operate year-round. The sky's the limit. I'm happy and grateful for this new business opportunity!

I was in a dark place several months ago; it felt like the sky had fallen on top of me. No matter how hard I worked or tried to improve my situation, nothing seemed to work. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in so long, but as 2023 comes to an end in a few days, I believe this will all fade away. The New Year and a fresh start await me.

One thing I excel at is dealing with people. I treat everyone equally, regardless of their social status. I don’t calculate what I gain from a relationship. If you treat me well, I'll make sure to treat you even better. If you treat me poorly, I'm easily hurt, but also quick to forgive and forget. I'd give several chances before cutting someone out of my life. Some might call me soft or naive, but that’s who I am. Thanks to this personality, I've made numerous friends wherever I go and maintained relationships for decades.

Yesterday, my dear friend and former co-worker invited me to dinner, letting me choose the food and movie, and offered to cover all expenses, knowing I have no income at the moment. Her gesture touched me deeply, and I'll always remember her kindness. We've known each other since our work days around 2012-2013, and our friendship will last a lifetime.

I also have friends in Vietnam whom I've known since 1st grade. Whenever I return to Vietnam, I spend time with them. Today, we're all in our 50s, with a friendship spanning over 45 years. That's me; once I make friends, they stay in my heart.

Friends are crucial in life, and honesty and integrity are essential in business. Possessing these characteristics leads to a good life. ♥️

Crystal H. Vo

December 21, 2023

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