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Next week, I'm taking a break from work before searching for a new part-time job. My schedule is packed with plans to meet up with some dear friends, some of whom I've known for decades, while others I've only known for a few months. As I prepare to live in Vietnam for a long time, I've been reaching out to my dear friends whenever I could find a spare moment in my busy work life. What worries me sometimes is the fact that some of these dear friends are in their 80s, living alone, and not in the best health. There are times when I get nervous when they don't pick up the phone when I call...

I've experienced significant losses in my life, and these experiences have deeply affected me. I hold those I love close to my heart and cherish every moment with them. I can still recall my days as a young mother when I used to talk to my children about death. It was my way of coping with the fear of losing them. For over two decades, I avoided driving in the fast lanes on the freeways because I feared of losing my life – I was their everything. Now that they are young adults, I can finally drive in the fast lanes without that fear looming over me.

Half of my life has been dedicated to taking care of my loved ones, and now I realize it's my turn to self-care. Life is incredibly fragile, and we are never guaranteed tomorrow. Understanding this, I make the most of each day. I love without limits and do whatever I can to help others, whether it's through encouraging words or providing a meal. I'm committed to doing whatever is within my power. If my time were to come tomorrow, I would find peace knowing that I did my best today. ♥️

Crystal H. Vo

September 26, 2023

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