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Christmas 2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

While watching my new family opening their presents last night, I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic. Although I celebrated Christmas with my children a week earlier, I still felt blue for knowing my only son was home alone last night. Separation is not easy for me for being a sensitive and emotional person I am. The first Christmas Eve without my children was hard. I believe it will get better thereafter. 💕

There is time and season for everything. Time of togetherness and time of separation. Time of good time and time of difficulties. Time of richness and time of poorness. Time of good health and time of sickness. Time of success and time of failure. Our life is like a river which is constantly moving. Sometimes it is smooth like a river, but other times it is rough like heavy waves. In difficulty times, stop asking why me, instead acknowledge that it is part of life. Accept it and work on the solution instead of focusing on the problems. In good times, share your blessings and your wealth to others. Show that you care by your actions and words. In Vietnamese proverb, “A slice of bread when hungry is worth a whole loaf when full." When you help someone who needs it most mean the world to them.

On Christmas Day, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. May the New Year 2022 brings you love, good health, happiness and prosperity. 💕

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