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A Reflection on Thanksgiving 2022

My customer left our office happy with his new vehicle license plate, a DMV sticker and a registration printout. I was pleased as well for being able to process my first out-of-state title transfer without my boss physically around, although she was there with me on the phone. Before I submitted it electronically to DMV, I asked the customer to doublechecking it, and luckily he found his name being chopped off by one letter. It would have caused me so much trouble if I made a mistake because the DMV was close yesterday. To be extra careful, I called my boss again to make sure I did everything right before the customer left the office. After he left, I took a detail note which will make the next transaction easier and faster.

I’ve always taken my time to serve each customer walking into our office. It doesn’t matter if we make a few dollars or a few hundred dollars from them. They are always treated equally and professionally. Before they leave, I always hand them the company business cards including mine. So far, I have given them over 500 business cards, a seed I plant today which will be blossomed some day. 🙏

This Thanksgiving 2022, I am truly thankful for having several necessary skills/ licenses: live scan, notary public, auto registration and real estate. I am grateful for overcoming the challenging time which will make me stronger. I’m thankful for our mom for her good health and being surrounded with love. I am grateful for my siblings, my family, my husband, my children and their offsprings. Last but not least, I am grateful for my good health and goodnight sleep. Thank you, God for everything!

November 26, 2022

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