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Some people come to your life and go away while others come and stay for many years. Being a sensitive soul, I don’t easily let people go once they had touched my heart at some point. For instance, my late beloved baby brother came to my life for only five years, but his image has stayed in my heart forever. As I get older, I adore children, especially young boys who remind me of him!

People come and go. It’s normal, but if you cannot learn to accept it, it only creates heartache. If someone is meant for you, they will find their way to stay. If not, just let it go lightly. It’s easier said than done though. Do you believe that sometimes it’s destine for you to meet someone? You can call it God’s will or the law of attraction. If it is so, how can you fight it?

Everyone comes to your life to teach you a lesson or to give you love. Some brings you storms while others bring you sunlight. Be strong and be brave to weather out the storms. Be happy and be thankful for receiving the beautiful sunlights.

Life is a mystery. Breathe in each moment with a full heart of appreciation. ♥️

February 13, 2023


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