Vivian and I have fought like dogs and cats many times. She is as stubborn as I am. She is almost a photocopy of me in many aspects. We don’t give up easily when challenges arise. We love deeply and care a lot for others.

Today, I am truly happy to see a deem light at the end of the tunnel. It hasn’t been easy for us all these past years. Being a first-generation immigrant and a single mom, it has been hard for me to put my children to college. But the difficult days are about to pass. What I see is a bright future for Vivian and Charlie who will be able to take good care of themselves. I hope they will learn to give back to society and the people who help them succeed.

I am grateful to America for giving us opportunities to prosper in this country. I am also thankful to God, Buddha and our ancestors for giving us hope when we faced many challenges. Thank You! 🙏💕

Vivian và tôi đã đánh nhau như chó