Family Love

While laying in bed listening to music in my bedroom this morning, I heard a knock outside the bedroom. I knew it was my baby Jayden because I heard his little footsteps walking up the stairs. But I asked him anyway, “Who is it? Who is it?” “It’s Jayden,” he replied 👦🏻. He ran inside as soon as I opened the door. “Baby, you’re half-naked! where are your pants?” “It’s downstairs, nana,” he responded. “Oh no, you can’t be naked here,” I told him as I went to the next room to get him a short. “Nana, I pooped.” “Let me clean you up first before I put on your pants.” “I did clean myself, nana.” “But I want to make sure you are clean, baby.” ❤️ Afterward, baby Jayden stayed in my room for a good hour. It’s my regular day off, so I could enjoy his company. He talked so much now! I couldn't believe how fast he’s grown. He jumped up and down on my bed for a while. He asked to watch movie on my laptop, but I didn’t let him because if he watched the movie, he would not talk to me at all. I just love hearing from him. After thirty minutes, he went downstairs to the refrigerator to get yogurt drinks and cheese slices for us. He came up, opened the drinks and placed them on a small chair. I picked both up, gave him one and we both said cheers 🥛🥛 His mom came into my room about an hour after baby Jayden did. She asked me how long he came up here. Then we had a long talk about our lives in general. She told me that she referred her brother, Charlie to get a job interview at a seafood restaurant as a part-time busboy. Once he’s hired and has experiences, he can apply to work as a waiter. I was happy to hear that from her. She’s not only looking out for her brother, but she is also looking out for her first cousin, Joann for a career of her choice. My son is graduating from college next year and so