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Toastmaster Newly Elected Club Officials

I spent about two hours last night to prepare for tonight meeting at our Toastmaster club where we will be having a celebration for the new officials term July 2019 - June 2020. It’s my honor and privilege to serve the club as a president for the first full term. I came in the second half of last term due to the last president quitting on us due to personal reasons. I was brand-new to the club, three months to be exact. Of course, I was surprised, nervous and honor to be nominated as their club president. It took me months to really know what I was doing. Being busy with work and writing, I have not made any speech after delivering my introductory speeches. Starting next year, I will make speeches regularly. My goal is to reach Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). It’s a highest title one can get in Toastmaster. I want to move up from this club president to area, district and division when time allows. There are currently 357,000 plus members, 16,600 clubs in 143 countries. It’s a big organization! Being a writer and a public speaker, I want to be able to spread my words to over these countries. I want to learn about their culture, customs, history and most of all their people. I’m still broken to this day after experiencing war, violent acts, destruction, but I will not let it win. I’ll use the little time I have on earth to bring happiness, love and peace to the world. Will you join me one day? Help us, God! 🙏❤️ If you are interested, please look up for more information. It’s where we learn public speaking and leadership skills 😊 

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