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I’m Blessed for  a Loving Family

While spending time with my mother-in-law yesterday, I was moved for receiving this message from one of my sisters-in-law: “Good Morning Sis I want to thank you For always Being There For Mom And The Family You Are A wonderful And Amazing Woman Thanks From the Bottom of My Heart Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊” In the afternoon we spoke for a little while on the phone. I was choke up for feeling overwhelming of love and appreciation coming from her. She repeated this a few times: “It’s an honor for having you as my sister-in-law.” Awww sweet! She mentioned that she has always read everything I have shared on Facebook and loved it! I’m truly happy and touched for the feedback from her 😊 I was a loner when I first arrived in America. But today I have a big and loving family. It’s my greatest blessing and honor for having them in my life. I truly am grateful for my family and friends who make my life worth-living. Thank you for your continued love and support in what I do ❤️ 

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