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Battling Addiction

Almost everyone has some kind of addiction. Some are alcoholics, drug addicts, shopaholic, etc. I’m no exception. I enjoy food too much and have no control of portions at times 😂. This morning while in bed, I prayed: “God, please help me reduce all the fat around my upper body.” The thought of having a bowl of oatmeal around seven p.m. last night instead of a bag of instant noodle made me happy (I had dinner earlier and felt hungry around that time.) As a human being, sometimes we are not strong enough to overcome addictions. Sometimes, we need divine intervention. I have worked hard every day, but if I don’t have the health, then what good does it do? I have heard from some people who overcame their addictions by simply asking God to take them away. As long as you want and sincerely pray for it, it will happen. I hope I can tell you in six months that my prayers today are answered that I’m in total control of what I eat 😊 

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