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Maturity comes with age and experiences. I have matured before my time due to both. I used to ponder about death early on. Often times I asked myself why I came here on earth and what comes after. Having strong faith in God lately, I know where I am going after I am gone. When I was younger, I didn’t want to leave without a trait on earth. I wanted to leave something behind. That was the reason I’m passionate about writing for I wanted to leave my stories: struggles and triumphs. Now I want to teach all my loved ones and many more on how to take care of their finances. I wish I knew this sooner. Making money without knowing how to save or invest can give you a hard time later on. Instead of giving my little ones presents from now on, I’ll give them life insurance with living benefits plus investment. I want them all to have a better headstart that they will not have to struggle when they grow up. Words of wisdom and educating others regarding finances are the two legacies I want to leave when I’m no longer here on earth. What will be your legacy? 05-26-2019 -/------//------ Don’t Cry for Me Tonight, my body is laid to rest Six feet under the ground The dust returns to dust Don’t turn your smile into a frown Don’t cry for me With a river of tears Celebrate me instead With many happy years I lived a life Full of happy memories With my dear friends and family What a blessing for me! I lived to love With all my heart I am sorry We had to part Live your life To the fullest potential Live and love Like once I did I’ll be up in Heaven Waiting for you When the time comes I’ll welcome you home. Crystal H. Vo 03/26/2018 #4everlived #livingbenefit 

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