My Heart Will Go On

Losing someone closed to your heart can take a lifetime to overcome the pain. Mine lasted 37 years! For the longest time in my life, I didn’t want anyone to give me fresh-cut flowers. In return, I hardly bought any for anyone before until recently. Why? Well, fresh flowers will wilt shortly which associate with death. It was too hard for me to accept because I loved my baby brother too much to see him gone forever when I was only twelve years old. 😢 The beginning of this month, I set out to a market to buy a cake for one of my coworkers for her birthday. I wanted to buy something nice for her besides a cake. It took me a while before I decided to get her fresh flowers. I thought it would look nice in her office. When I got back to the office, I took my time to arrange the flowers one by one into a vase. It was, indeed, a pleasant experience! She loved them. I loved them. Everyone loved them. I took several photos of them. Slowly, I accepted death is a part of life. I gradually let go of the pain and embrace the love I have today. On last Mother’s Day, I had no problem buying fresh-cut flowers for my mother anymore. Again, I enjoyed the process of arranging them into a vase. I have been a passionate writer and a public speaker for many years because I have wanted to promote peace over chaos, life over death and happiness over despair. May peace always be with you. 🙏❤️ -------//------ Khi mất một người thân, bạn có thể mất cả cuộc đời để vượt qua nỗi đau. Cái đau của tôi kéo dài 37 năm! Trong thời gian dài đó, tôi không muốn ai tặng cho t