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A Blessed Palm Sunday 2019

Do you cry when you see someone crying? I often do. While in church earlier, the last beautiful service song came up with the words: “It is well in my soul.” My heart melted with the beautiful melody and lyrics. The voice of the singer took my breath away. Then I saw a woman sitting in a row in front of me continuously wiping her tears. I couldn’t help shedding some tears as well. Whatever she has been going through, the music had touched her heart deeply. ❤️ Today is Palm Sunday, a special day for Christians and Catholics as we believe Jesus came back to life after three days of being buried. I didn’t ask for anything as I stood in the church today because I have been blessed for everything I asked for. I simply thanked Him for everything. A year ago, I shed many tears as I stood in this same church asking for help. I wrote a little poem about it after the service: I Pray My life is not a fairytale It comes with many unhappy tales The cries of my children Break my heart into a million The unsatisfactory of life Send me many restless nights I have done my best But my best isn't good enough So I drop down on my knees and pray For my heart soon find a sunray I pray to see what Jesus sees With compassion in his eyes I pray for my offsprings To grow wings and fly up in the sky I pray for God to always Love and protect my family I pray for having more wisdom To forgive those who have done me wrong As God has forgiven all my sins. I pray with all my heart To see sunlight after a long restless night ❤️ Crystal H. Vo Palm Sunday in church 03/25/2018 How things have changed so much in just a year! Having faith in God and having believed in the power of prayer have lifted my spirits in times of doubt and troubles. Thank You! 🙏❤️ Palm Sunday 2019 

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