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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power An 84 elderly woman’s daughter called me about her mother In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program. She said with the Share of Cost (SOC)of $700 plus on her mother Medi-Cal, she could not qualify for the IHSS program. It’s complicated when it comes to Medi-Cal programs even I have worked for it many years. I went and asked for help. After calculations, my client only needs to spend $57 monthly premium on vision or dental, then she would qualify for Medi-Cal without SOC. In return, that would qualify her for IHSS program where she would get someone to come into her house to take care of her several hours per day without any cost. It’s worth knowing all the Medi-Cal programs where you can make a day and night difference for the recipients. I told my client’s daughter to write down all the calculations and the steps of what to do. She was pleased after spending a little over half an hour over the phone with me. I love my job. ❤️ #ilovemyjob 

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