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My Two Mothers

Yesterday I called my mother-in-law to invite her for breakfast at 8:45. She didn’t pick up the landline as well as the cellular phone. I panicked for a moment. I called back again. Still no answer. Many negative thoughts ran through my head until I received her call back. I jumped to joy when I heard her voice on the other line! She’s 86-years young, living alone. She prefers to stay that way until she can no longer take care of herself. ❤️ Later at night, my Herbalife agent video chatted with me and had my mom on the line. She sees the agent every morning for nutritional drinks, exercise and education on healthy lifestyles. The first word my mom uttered was “let’s race who will be losing the most fat next year” 😂. She looks happier and healthier than last month. In addition, she looks prettier as well. I teased her to lose all the excess fat and then get married again. She laughed and said the news of her getting married would travel the world. She said she is working to improve her health, so she can look her best at her 80th birthday celebration. I’m truly thankful for her wealth being. Life is fragile. You are here today, but no one is guaranteed the next day. Therefore, I treasure the people I love each day I have. ❤️ 

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