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It took me 11/2 hour to arrive in Fountain Valley City yesterday morning for a weekly meeting. It always takes me that long due to many street signs and turns on the local streets. I was in Orange County past 5 p.m. I was tired and needed to bring food home for my boys for dinner 😂. If I took the local streets home, it would be very late. So I hopped on freewways 22 W. 605 N. and 60 Lós Angeles. Before I got on the Freeways, I prayed 🙏. As miraculously as it sounds, I was driving like a professional. I didn’t have an ounce of nervousness in me.  

I have been taking local streets to most places in the past several years because I felt nervous driving fast on the freeways. I knew it was all in my head. If I talked about it openly and prayed sincerely, all my worries would be taken care of by our Creator. Having strong faith can carry you over many bumpy road

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