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Tears for Luke Perry

Migrating to America in the mid-80s, there were a few America television shows I watched and loved. One was Beverly Hills 90210. Luke Perry was a hot stud, however, in thirty years he aged so fast. Yesterday he was announced dead due to a massive stroke at age 52. His untimely death shook Hollywood as well as the world. Gone too soon! He is survived by two young boys. May you Rest In Peace, Luke🙏 In a few more days, I’ll be 49 years old. Although I often don’t think about my age and have always felt younger than my age, my body does not act young like I used to. In my 20s and 30s, I could eat anything and not getting fat, but it’s not the case anymore. My fat is stored in the upper body which makes my legs weak. I knew I needed a change, but couldn’t find the right solution until I came across the Herbalife agent who taught me more about nutritions. I’m now more aware of what I eat and cut back on portions intake into halves. In the morning, I drink a cup of water first thing and then a cup of tea. After that, I prepare myself a healthy shake. That will last me till 10 a.m. Throughout the day, I cut back on carbohydrates and fried food. I plan to cook five days a week. It will definitely save me money and improve my health as well as my loved ones. It’s good to work hard and build an empire of wealth for yourself and your loved ones, but what good does it do if you are not around to enjoy it? Luke Perry wished to see his children growing up, a simple wish as such however it will never become reality. My heart goes out to his family and friends.❤️ #herbalife Nguyễn Thoa 

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