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Fair Treatment

Before I left the States, I invited a little over 100 people to join my boss’s retirement. One of them is our janitor who has limited English skills. She gave me $10 for the contribution to the party and asked to save her a plate only. I told her it’s lunchtime and advised her to change her uniform into business attire and join us. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for her to eat with us though... The janitor and I have a good relationship. I often share with her a piece of cake or a plate of food whenever we have parties. Also, I feel happy around her who is friendly and seems content. However, I don’t have the same feeling with most of the people with higher social status. Is it me or them? Perhaps, coming from a very humbling background, I still have had difficulties dealing with the rich and the people with high social status. I will work on this area. Everyone is entitled to fair treatment regardless of his/her social status, race, sexual orientation, etc. ❤️ 

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