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Home Sweet Home

I've been visiting home in Vietnam for two weeks now and have had a great time with my family and friends! I'm thankful for the opportunity to come home where my heart belongs. I have two homes though, one in the U.S. and the other here. Therefore, my heart is always divided into two. It's not an easy feeling, but I try my best not to feel homesick and make the best of it wherever I am. My mom health has improved from the last visit where she stayed in a hospital for ten days due to falling. This time she is doing much better. Recently, she joined Herbalife where she is learning how to eat healthier. We are all happy that each morning, she gets ready by 8 o'clock, and walks to the market near home to talk to the Herbalife representative, , who prepares tea and breakfast for her. She spends a good hour or two talking to her friends there as well. Seeing her getting into conversations with her peers yesterday made me happy. After my dad passed away in summer 2016, her health has deteriorated. It’s good that she comes back! I’m grateful for her health and pray that she continues being socially active and staying healthy for as long as possible 🙏 I love my siblings very much! They always treat me and my significant other very well whenever we come home. Dennis feels at home. He told me the second night being here that he feels welcome and loved here. He has slept better at night, no more insomnia here. I told my siblings in 2025 after retiring from the county job, I will spend a good amount of time living here each year. Having a home here, I don’t need to spend money on housing. Dennis and I would love to live here and use our retirement money to travel and do charity. There are many places we want to visit and many things we want to accomplish. I’m thankful for my family. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms. ❤️ 

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