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Breaking a Bad Habit 🙏

Holding a 500,000 Dong bill (~$23) in my hand while walking toward the market around 10 a.m today, I could not stop thinking of buying a baguette stuffed with roasted pork, an over easy egg, veggies, and spices. While standing in front of the merchant, about to order, my Herbalife representative asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going to order breakfast. She then asked me if I had an Herbalife drink yet. I said yes but still wanted to eat. She advised me to wait for lunch because the drink was sufficient for breakfast. Indeed, I was not hungry, just wanted to eat, a really bad habit I haven't been able to break as of yet. Walking away without the mouth-watering baguette made me a bit sad. However, I was happy afterwards because I didn’t eat when I shouldn't. I spent a good two hours in a beauty salon. Came home and ate at noon. Breaking a bad habit is not easy! I need self-discipline and help from the professionals! Once I’m able to break the bad habits and become physically fit, I want to help others who are struggling to lose weights like myself. ❤️

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